“WHEREAS, the Orion Working Youth Center (OWYC) was conceived ten (10) years ago, by Honorable Gabrile L. Manrique, Municipal Mayor, to help out-of-school youths of Orion and other neighboring towns learn other crafts to enable them to finds jobs which would generate income;

                “WHEREAS, since its establishment ten years ago, the Orion Working Youth Center has produced graduates in dressmaking, hair science and beauty, culture, tailoring, drapery and curtain making who have successfully found employment at the Bataan Export processing Zone (BEPZ) and in other private firms while other graduates have established their own shops;

                “WHEREAS, due to the present tight economic situation which our people are now facing or experiencing, this same august Body feels that it would be unjust if the small-scale fishermen would be enforced to pay their obligations to the municipal government even if it would mean increase in the revenue of the municipality;

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