“WHEREAS, the physiological needs of children, particularly the basic needs like food, should be taken into great account by the state, to enable them to develop fully their minds and bodies as they shall face challenges and tribulations in their growth;

                “WHEREAS, because of the hardships and poverty brought about by the economic crisis prevailing in our country, hundreds of young children from poor families who can afford just one or two meals a day, suffer the consequences of malnutrition and they can even establish a lifelong symptoms of disease-susceptibility;

                “WHEREAS, the Sangguniang Bayan Members of Orion, Bataan, in their desire to uplift the physical and mental well-being of the children of Orion, have envisioned the idea of establishing the Orion Nutrition Center which will be funded by either the Municipal Government of Orion or private civic-minded persons and other civic organizations in the community and in other places as well whose help shall be solicited;

                “WHEREAS, the assistance of government and private doctors, nurses, nutritionists and volunteers shall be solicited to assist in the supervision and operation of Orion Nutrition Center free of charge;

                “WHEREAS, the Orion Nutrition Center shall provide food and other nutritive substances to malnourished children who have no other recourse and means to provide their bodies the essential nutritients;

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