It is a threatening phenomenon that some of the country’s teachers are being pirated to mentor foreign youth. The reason is very obvious. The remuneration of teachers, either in public or private schools, is far below the monthly wages of domestic helpers in foreign countries. Material incentives, too, are scarce and unattractive. The waning commitment of some teachers to serve and guide the youth is a sad picture in our educational system. We cannot condemn, however, those who fly abroad to serve foreign children.

Thanks God, the number of teachers who go abroad are only fragment of the majority who remain true and loyal to their God given challenge to serve the youth of the motherland. As a write this article, I see images of men and women who stand before their classes and impart knowledge outlined to develop the youth’s intellect, behavior, and values.

Through their sacrifices and devotion to their profession, teachers built the foundation of successful citizens occupying the limelight in the world of politics, economics, medicine, engineering, and other fields of human adventure. The roles and functions of teachers have been enumerated in our Philippine Constitution.

They inculcate patriotism and nationalism. Children obey their teacher’s word rather than their parents’ .Nationalism and patriotism are expressed in the languages spoken, anthem sung, dresses worn, food eaten, tradition celebrated, and customs practiced. Being proud of our heritage is one aspect wherein mentors excel in the promotion of nationalistic ideals.

They foster love for humanity. Loving people is a divine mandate. Teachers share with parents the responsibility of deeply inculcating in the minds of the youth the value of accepting people and understanding different personalities. To love humanity is to treat one another as friends in the context of trust.

They foster respect human right. Human rights are inherent to all people. Equality is the rule in the educational system. A mentor who fails to teach this virtue falls short of his personal accountability to his profession.

They foster appreciation of the role of national heroes in the historical development of the country. Mentors serve as bridges that link the young minds to our corporate past as a free nation. Heroes are ordinary men and women who do extraordinary commitment and sacrifice for the good of majority. Mentors open the eyes of the youth to see the sublime meaning of national unity and solidarity.

They teach the right and duties of citizenship. Education makes people assertive of their rights and responsibility to their duties as citizens of the republic. These include paying taxes and participating in the election process. A teacher must never teach students to doubt the integrity of law and order.

By: Carmencita P. Bautista | Teacher III | Mariveles National High School – Poblacion | Mariveles, Bataan

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