The Master Teachers are to provide professional support services to enhance teachers’ professionalism and development of relevant, effective and diversified national curriculum and assessment system, contributing to the provision of a high standard quality wholesome education to the system though research, training and consultancy in their areas of specialization.

The Master Teacher should have the skills to:
• Investigate issues and events and provide informed judgements.
• Design meaningful educational activities and programmes to enrich the curriculum.
• Identify and develop relevant effective teaching learning materials.
• Analyse results of students’ performance and suggest improvement where necessary.
• Apply concepts of child development and psychology of learning, and respond to individual differences, and employ different teaching methods that will result in higher student achievement.
• Translate abstract theories and philosophies into purposeful individual insights.
• Evaluate the viability of course offerings and propose relevant changes where necessary.
• Use independent judgment and to manage and impart confidential information.
• Form hypothesis, conduct research and use deductions for developing

Master teachers as leaders in the development of education in practice have to try out various methods in the delivery of education themselves in their own classrooms as well as with their professional colleagues in the school and the cluster schools. They would have to analyze the impact of such strategies on the learning and inform other professional colleagues through writing and publishing or through seminars and workshops.

Master teachers have to continually review the effectiveness of the national curriculum in the area of their expertise through putting to test in practice in their classroom and advice change and reform. Master teachers have to assist in any major curriculum reform in their area of expertise.

Master teachers should also be able to manage their colleagues at different levels of life stages, experiences, abilities and attitudes to be kept continually engaged in professional development and learning through continuous support and guidance. They should be able to encourage and promote continual evaluation and reflection on their practice amongst their colleagues.

Master teachers are expected to work beyond normal working hours eg. evenings, weekends and holidays. They would have to work with different groups of people ranging from students, professional colleagues as well as educational leaders and researchers both in country and internationally. They would have to work as a teacher, researcher, manager and facilitator in staff development programs. They would have to supervise the research and development works.

By: Carmencita P. Bautista | Teacher III | Mariveles National High School – Poblacion | Mariveles, Bataan

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