This planet is a wonderful and vibrant kaleidoscope of knowledge and discoveries which have evolved over the ages. Teachers have ensured that our learning will continue to prosper while maintaining the balance between the various rivers of education.

Education has been at the core of our being since the beginning of time when curiosity, sciences and wonders thrive in a mutual harmony. And we, teachers, are the root of this new era of erudition.

Students, particularly teens, now a day have a really different trait from the generations before. A huge gap in traits, behavior and manners is all you can notice when you take a glimpse of them. But it does not end with that they seem to be. What matters most is who they really are behind their walls, inside their fortress.

If we let them create their environment like this, then it will be a shame for this generation to give the earth back to the future generations. The world, the progress and the hasty pace of time is slowly taking the future of our students, and it is us who can reinforce their parents and family to rebuild what they had broken.

“We generations of today, do not inherit the earth from our ancestor… we borrow it from children”.

This line is the foundation of our profession, the base of our visions, and the concrete wall we tend to hold on to. We do not run into classrooms to classrooms throwing information and facts, we dive into each student’s heart and plant the knowledge in it. That’s what the teacher is. That’s what we should become.

This world is a wonderful and vibrant kaleidoscope of aspiring young people. And the world itself, will also take the heat away from them.

As a teacher and a daughter who gained from the teachings of old generation, it’s our duty to bring back the harmonious flow of wisdom and morals from us to our students.

A harmony on its road to victory.

MARIANE D. NAGUIT|Teacher-III|Bataan National High School-JHS|Balanga, Bataan
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