Advantages of Internet to Students

During the past few years, people using internet have increased dramatically. This trend continues in the present times due to the many benefits given by this wonderful technology. The internet provides a very helpful tool in the field of communication in a matter of seconds. With the use of email sites, one does not wait continue reading : Advantages of Internet to Students

Importance of Learning English Language for Students

Every Country has a language that it uses to communicate with the rest of the world. When we engage with the issues in our environment, it acts as a platform for all of us to share our messages and deepen our understanding of many topics. It also enables us to communicate with others in the continue reading : Importance of Learning English Language for Students

LAPTOP: A Useful Tool for Learning

   Using laptops facilitates learning, impacts students’ life and work, as well as the school’s culture, the method and caliber of work completed by students, and the social relationships among them. These days, most people use laptops for schoolwork and are frequently involved in it. It is really helpful since it makes it simple for continue reading : LAPTOP: A Useful Tool for Learning


The system of education cannot be established by the sector of education and its constituents alone. Throughout the history of Philippine education, different sectors and stakeholders have pushed the country’s literacy to greater heights. Starting from the funding from the highest form of government to the support and cooperation of the local government units (LGUs), continue reading : WE ARE NOT ALONE

Equipping Educators and Learners for Tomorrow

The Matatag Curriculum is a transformative educational framework set to revolutionize learning in the Philippines. Rooted in the principles of resilience and adaptability, it aims to equip students with essential skills for navigating the complexities of the 21st century. By integrating core competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, and socio-emotional learning across all subjects, the continue reading : Equipping Educators and Learners for Tomorrow

Downhill of Inclusive Education

Inclusive education, once celebrated as a symbol of progress in schools worldwide, is facing a troubling decline. Its goal is to ensure that every student, no matter their background or abilities, gets a meaningful education in regular classrooms. But it’s running into many problems. There’s not enough support for students with different needs. Many schools continue reading : Downhill of Inclusive Education

Guro Ako, Hindi perpekto!

Pangalawang magulang kung ituring ng mga mag-aaral sa loob ng paaralan.  Huwaran o modelo ang tawag ng karamihan, hindi sa rampahan bagkus sa kabutihang asal.  Kaya naman mataas ang tingin ng iba, kung minsa pa’y perpekto sa paningin nila.  Ngunit ang hindi alam ng karamihan, kaming mga guro ay tao din, tao din na nakadarama continue reading : Guro Ako, Hindi perpekto!

Home Visitation: Pagsalba sa mag-aaral

Sa apat (4) na sulok ng silid-aralan ay ang ilang mga kuwento na hindi nakikita ng ating mga mata bilang isang guro.  Mga matatamis na ngiti at maskarang  pilit na ikinukubli ng mga mag-aaral sa mga tunay nilang  nadarama sa kanilang mga emosyon at  tunay na kinakaharap sa bawat  hamon ng buhay. Bilang guro, maaring continue reading : Home Visitation: Pagsalba sa mag-aaral


In classrooms across the Philippines, a new assistant has joined the ranks, quietly changing the way students and teachers interact with learning. This assistant goes by the name of CHATGPT, an AI-powered tool that’s stirring up both excitement and curiosity among educators. The advantages it brings are pretty clear. First off, it’s accessible to everyone, continue reading : THE PRO’S AND CON’S OF CHATGPT