Your Service Providers:

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Carlota Valerio Rosario Manrique Maribel Roque
Secretary to the SB AA VI LLSA III



Schedule of Availability
of Service:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 12:00 noon
1:00 pm—5:00 pm
Maximum Time to
Avail this Service:

1 hours and 45 minutes

Who May Avail of the Service:

Agricultural land owners




Requirement (s):

-Application form
-Location Plan
-Photocopy of TCT/Deed of Sale/Deed of Donation
-RPT Declaration
-RPT Payment
-Certification from Office of the M.A for land suitability
-Certification from MARO for non-tenancy/non-CARP coverage



Step by Step Process Applying for Reclassification of Land

Step-by-step guide
Service Provider’s




Fee Form
Name Task
1. Secure application form from the Secretary to the Sanggunian Bayan. Pay Application fee with MTO.

Carlota Valerio

Issue application form and instruct applicant/client how to fill up the form 5 minutes Application Fee
Reclassification Form
2. Fill-up the application form, submit it with the requirements and proof of payment for application fee issued by the Office of the Municipal Treasurer Maribel Roque Receive application form duly accomplished with the requirements and OR.
Record documents in Log Book
10 minutes

—— ———
  Ma. Rosario Manrique

Carlota Valerio

Forward documents to the Secretary to the SB for inclusion in the Legislative Agenda

Include application in the Legislative Agenda.
Report to the SB the application for reclassification

30 minutes

30 minutes

—— ———
  Hon. Virgilio Isidro Refer application to concerned SB Committees 2 minutes —— ———

SB Standing Committees


Jose S. Santos

Evaluate application and conduct meeting, consultation, public hearing

Report findings and recommendation to SB

Adopt recommendation
Enact municipal ordinance for reclassification of agricultural land

Approve Municipal Ordinance for Reclassification

30 minutes

1 hour



  Carlota Valerio

Inform applicant of results of application and order of payment for reclassification

2 minutes Reclassification Fee based on area (Revised Revenue Code) ———
3. Receive copy of Municipal Ordinance upon presentation of proof of payment Ma. Rosario Manrique Release copy of Municipal Ordinance to applicant

30 minutes