Your Service Providers:

“Magandang araw po, handa kaming maglingkod!”


Dr. Corazon Cruz Dr. Grace Abello Lerma Quiroz Regina Cruz

MHO RHP Rad. Tech Med. Tech



Schedule of Availability
of Service:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 12:00 noon
1:00 pm—5:00 pm
Maximum Time to
Avail this Service:

1 hour and 5 minutes

Who May Avail of the Service:

Person, primarily residents of Orion needing
medical consultation

Requirement (s):

Individual Treatment Record (ITR)/
Family Envelope



Step by Step Process Availing of our-patient consultation at the RHU

Step-by-step guide
Service Provider’s




Fee Form
Name Task
1.a Give Family Number
(Old Patients)


Locate Family Envelope/Individual Treatment Record (ITR) 3 minutes —— ITR
1.b For new Patients
State that you are a new patient and provide personal data
Interview new patient
Assign Family Number or
Incorporate in the Family Member’s Envelope

3 minutes

2 minutes

—— ITR
2. Wait for vital signs to be taken BHW/
Take vital signs 5 minutes    
3. Give history of illness Midwife
Dr. Grace Abello
Dr. Corazon Cruz
Take Medical History and
Physical Examination

10 minutes

—— ———
4.a If warrants laboratory procedure, proceed to laboratory section. Dr. Grace Abello
Dr. Corazon Cruz
Issue request form for laboratory procedures 1 minute Depends on laboratory procedure ———
4.b If no laboratory procedure needed, wait for the prescription/instruction Dr. Grace Abello
Dr. Corazon Cruz
Issue prescription and give advise 3 minutes —— ———
5. Wait for release of laboratory result Regina Cruz

Lerma Quiroz

Perform laboratory procedure and release result
Perform x-ray and give x-ray film for wet reading
30 minutes Depend on laboratory procedure ———
6. Report back to Doctor’s Office Dr. Grace Abello
Dr. Corazon Cruz
Interpret results 3 minutes —— ———
7. Receive prescription Dr. Grace Abello
Dr. Corazon Cruz
Issue prescription and give advise 3 minutes —— ———