These days, the word “community” is used so frequently that it has become a buzzword. Furthermore, it’s simple to overlook the value of community and how to create communities that give our lives meaning and happiness when the term is used so frequently.

What precisely is community, then? It is simply a collection of individuals who share a same interest. A common component could be something like race, religion, family, region, or stage of life. It might also be a shared hobby, career, or area of interest. But in order for a group of people to come together and create a meaningful community that benefits each member’s life, there needs to be a mutual sense of trust, connection, and concern for one another.

Because they are frequently a significant source of social connection and a sense of belonging, strong communities are essential. Living in a community that shares common beliefs, values, and objectives is a prerequisite for leading a happy and satisfying life.

Our general state of health can be significantly impacted by a lack of social relationships. Loneliness was found to have one of the biggest psychological effects on people’s health in an early investigation on the psychological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Low social connection has the following negative effects on health:

increased danger elements. According to studies, those with weak social ties are also more likely to experience high levels of stress and inflammation, as well as an increased risk of suicide and premature mortality.

chronic illness. Studies have repeatedly shown a correlation between a lack of social support and diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and immune system problems. suicide and premature demise.

mental well-being. Mental health and general wellbeing can also be impacted by social isolation. Strong social connections are essential for mental health because they can reduce stress and anxiety and promote well-being.

In the end, communities provide people with a caring network that enables them to overcome obstacles, work together to find solutions, and enjoy the good times in life.

Ms. Diana Mari I. Wagan | TEACHER II
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