The Department of Education (DepEd) has initiated a substantial program known as “Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)” through the “Catch Up Fridays” initiative. The objective is to promote reading and ensure every student has an equal opportunity for academic success. The objectives of this program are to enhance the ability to comprehend what is read, to cultivate a love of reading, and to close any educational gaps that may have arisen as a consequence of several t challenges.

Participants in the said activity include students, teachers, and even school personnel. They participate in the program by dedicating time every Friday to fully enjoy reading. Everyone halts their regular commitments at this time to focus solely on reading a book. Through this endeavor, the school community has a significant opportunity to cultivate a love for reading and advance literacy.

Through DEAR, the Department of Education (DepEd) encourages schools to make reading areas comfortable and have a wide range of books available. The Department additionally motivates schools to hold discussions regarding the satisfaction that reading may bring. Students will undoubtedly get chances to improve their language skills and obtain a larger view of the world.

Furthermore, it fosters in children the ability to analyze and evaluate information and cultivate a strong passion for reading. It implements a holistic approach to education. DEAR fosters a strong foundation in literacy and creates a positive and supportive learning environment that enables every kid to attain academic excellence.

The efforts of the Department of Education (DepEd) demonstrate a dedication to nurturing individuals who are knowledgeable and well-rounded in their literacy skills. The program facilitates academic development by prioritizing reading and providing individualized support. It addresses critical educational needs and fosters the development of a lifetime desire for knowledge.

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