Your Service Providers:

“Magandang araw po, handa kaming maglingkod!”


Florencia b. Gallardo

Brgy. Coordinator (mswd)



Schedule of Availability
of Service:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 12:00 noon
1:00 pm—5:00 pm
Maximum Time to
Avail this Service:

3 minutes

Who May Avail of the Service:

The Municipality of Orion provides ambulance services to Orion residents in response to emergency medical cases needing immediate transport to medical facility.

Requirement (s):

For hospital confinement:
1. Name of Hospital & room where the patient is to be confined.

For out-patient
1. Name of Hospital and date when patient will be check-up or received medical treatment



Step by Step Process Request for the use of Ambulance

Step-by-step guide
Service Provider’s


Fee Form
Name Task
1. Client request for schedule of availability of the ambulance Florencia b. Gallardo Interview client as to the place and date the ambulance will be used. Advise client of the date of availability of ambulance 1 minute —— ———
2. Confirms schedule is approved Florencia b. Gallardo Approve schedule and ask client on details of departure.

1 minute


—— ———
    Advise ambulance driver on the schedule and details of travel 1 minute —— ———