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Cyntia Manansala Cristy de Jesus Cecilia Bulado

MCR Data Controller Bookbinder III



Schedule of Availability
of Service:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 12:00 noon
1:00 pm—5:00 pm
Maximum Time to
Avail this Service:

7 minutes

Who May Avail of the Service:

Individuals and couple who are registered in Orion




Requirement (s):

-Information on the following using corresponding request slip:
1. For Birth Certificate:
Name/Birth Date/Mother’s Name
2. For Marriage Certificate:
Name of Spouse (Male)/Date of Marriage
3. For Death Certificate:
Name of the Deceased Person/Date Died



Step by Step Process Requesting of Certified Copy of Birth, Marriage & Death Certificate

Step-by-step guide
Service Provider’s




Fee Form
Name Task
1. Fill-up corresponding request slip

Cecilia Bulado
Cristina De Jesus

Ask client as to the document to be requested and instruct him/her to fill-up corresponding slip 1 minute —— ———
2. Submit fully filled-up RS Cecilia Bulado
Cristina De Jesus
Received the RS and verify it with the record (Civil Registry Information System or CRIS) 1 minute

—— ———
  Cecilia Bulado
Cristina De Jesus
If the result is positive, print requested document and issue Order of Payment (OP)

1 minute

—— ———
3. Present (OP) to the Licensing Officer Chit Pangilinan Based on the OP issue OR and accept payment 1 minute BC-P55.00
4. Present OR to the MCR

Cecilia Bulado
Cristina De Jesus

Receive OR and attached it to the certificate (BC,MC,DC)

1 minute




Approve by signing the requested document

1 minute —— ———
5. Receive the requested document and sign in the record book Cecilia Bulado
Cristina De Jesus
Issue requested document and ensure that client has signed to signify the receipt of the document. 1 minute