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Rodolfo Orieta Engr. Fatima Evora

Draftsman III Engirneer II



Schedule of Availability
of Service:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 12:00 noon
1:00 pm—5:00 pm
Maximum Time to
Avail this Service:

7 hours

Who May Avail of the Service:

Individual who intends to construct building are required to secure a building permit.









Requirement (s):

-Fully accomplished Application Form (DPWH Form 77-001), signed and sealed by a duly licensed professionals:
– Civil/Structural Engineer or Architect for Building Permit
– Sanitary Engineer or Registered Master Plumber for Sanitary Permit
– Professional/Registered Electrical Engineer/Registered Master Electrician for Electrical Permit
-Zoning Permit/Locational Clearance
-Barangay Construction Permit/Clearance
-5 sets—blueprint of original plan of the proposed construction project
-5 sets—Bill of Materials, specifications and design load computation for structural plans and loading schedule/computation for electrical plans
-Photocopy of Professional License & the original receipt of the -Professional Tax Requirements (PTR)
-DPWH Clearance for ROW on easement & setbacks
-Photocopy of the TCT, Tax Dec, Current RPT Receipt
Five (5) long brown envelopes


Step by Step Process Securing Building Permit

Step-by-step guide
Service Provider’s




Fee Form
Name Task
1. Secure application forms

Engr. Fatima Evora

Rodolfo Orieta

Provide the necessary application forms and the list of requirements 5 minutes —— -Building Permit Form (DPWH Form No. 77-001)
-Sanitary Permit Form
-Electrical Permit Form (DPWTC Form No. 77-001E
2. Submit all the requirements Engr. Fatima Evora Conduct interview of the applicant as to the details of the project.

Check the submitted documents and drawing plans.

Assess the Building Permit Fee

4-5 hours —— ———
3. Complete all the requirements Engr. Fatima Evora Review and comment on the submitted documents

Issue Order of Payments

1-2 hours Based on the National Building Code of the Philippines ———
4. Pay the Building Permit Fee at the MTO Chit Pangilinan Based on the Order of Payment issue OR and accept payment 2 minutes —— OR
5. Return to the Building Official

Engr. Fatima Evora

Acknowledge OR, prepare the Building Permit and approve it.

30 minutes

1 hour



6. Receive the Building Permit Engr. Fatima Evora

Record and release the Building Permit

2 minutes —— Building