The advancement of technology continues to open various opportunities for the development of education. One innovative and intriguing technological aspect is the use of Chat GPT in elementary school settings. However, like any technology, there are positive outcomes and potential negative consequences associated with its use. In this article, we will discuss the positive impacts of using Chat GPT and the dangers that may accompany it if not utilized properly. Primarily the expansion of knowledge using Chat GPT can serve as an additional resource for teachers in providing extra knowledge to learners. The system can answer learners’ questions and serve as an additional source of information. It could also a personalized teaching approach that can offer personalized assistance in learning. It can provide additional exercises or assessments based on the individual needs of each learner. It could also be best training in information evaluation through the use of Chat GPT, learners can be taught how to properly analyze and evaluate information an essential skill in the digital age.

Nevertheless, this application also has potential negative consequences if not handled accordingly such as it can lead to technology dependency of teachers and learners. Excessive use of Chat GPT may lead to dependency on technology, potentially resulting in a lack of learners’ ability to think independently. Moreover, when not analyzed and counter checked it can also produce incorrect information because it just provides answers based on the data it has been trained on. However, it may not always provide accurate responses, leading to the dissemination of incorrect information if not properly guided. As we get along with it the people using it might result to lack of personal interaction between teachers and learners, which is crucial for the development of social and interpersonal skills because they can already do it independently. To avoid potential negative consequences of Chat GPT usage, it is crucial for teachers to undergo proper training and focus on its implementation. Emphasizing critical thinking skills and responsible technology use among learners is necessary to maintain the value of traditional learning methods.

Chat GPT can be a valuable tool for the advancement of elementary education, but responsible usage is essential to avoid potential risks. This technology should be employed as a support to traditional teaching methods rather than as the primary source of education. We need to exercise caution when utilizing any application to enhance our knowledge. Above all, a combination of traditional teaching methods and carefully guided technology can foster a collaborative and productive teaching and learning process, shaping competent and successful lifelong learners.

MARY ROSE B. CAGUILLO | Master Teacher I Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School Schools Division of Balanga City
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