1. Get a check-up : Meet with your healthcare provider to see weather you’ll need to consider                      any special modifications before starting an exercise program.

2. Know your options : Pick a program you know you will enjoy.

3. Determine your participation style : Be realistic about  how your participate.

4. Start slowly : Many people are eager to get started and sometimes overdo it, which usually makes them sore and can make them want to stop.

5. Make a date : Find a buddy to exercise with you and keep you motivated.

6. Set specific short and long term goals : Make goals as specific as possible. Set a long term goal to help you do it.

7. Make a list : List the benefits you expect from your physical activity program and then make sure this are realistic and reasonable.

8. Make another list : List all the reasons to be physically active-things.

9. Invest your Health : Do you want to spend money on joining a program? That option is available.

10. Checkout the facility you want to join : Ask to try various programs, so you can decide which   program feels the most comfortably fun.

By: MS. CRISTINA V. BUHAT | Teacher II | Samal South Elementary School, Samal, Bataan

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