Last February 18, 2007, 9 out of 30 examinees were able to pass the annual examination conducted by the Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) to all ALS A&E elementary and secondary level held at Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan.

The achievers are the following with their standard scores and essay.

By: Victor R. Lazaro, ALS Mobile Teacher

1. Asence, Cleo S. 99 3
2. Austria, Jerena Rose Q. 98 3
3. Escabal, Cherry Fe A. 98 3
4. Estrella, Tristan John M. 96 3
5. Gayola, Jayson P. 103 3
6. Ligon, Norman M. 96 3
7. Salupado, Jorge S. 102 3
8. Sambajon, Hilda L. 107 4
9. Solana, Merciditha D.R. 102 2

 Among the requirements given by the BALS, one should have a rate of at least 95% to be able to pass the examination. Furthermore it is focused more on out-of-school youths who have the chances of automatically jumping to high school and collegiate level and may even take any course with their preference. This is continuously uplift the quality of education for everyone.

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