Generally one of the many problems be setting most schools now a days is cleanliness. I am truly disturbed by what this schools may turn out to be it this will be left unchecked.

Take for instance the condition of the comfort rooms. The places are filthy as the Smokey Mountains. The cubicles are used for dumpsites for the sanitary napkins, the bowls are eyesore because of the clogged toilet paper. And if you happen to see the door you would spend a minute reading vulgar words and messages scribbled in it. Trash can stand idle because some students throw pieces of paper around. Some are even to lazy to flash the toilet bowl perhaps expecting others to do the simple task for them. The problem is not confined to CR’s alone. Some students vandals write on the wall and destroys chairs . Even the pathways have turned into dumpsites for pieces of paper and candy wrappers. There are trash cans. Why cant the students make use of them?

I do not wish to sound boring nor do I need to be preachy. I write because I think it is high time we solve this problem in our school.

Irresponsibility is not an incurable disease, but it could spread like an epidemic if we don’t stop it. Lets all work hand in hand and exemplify self discipline.

By: MS. CRISTINA V. BUHAT | Teacher II | Samal South Elementary School, Samal, Bataan

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