Great teachers give us a sense of who we are and who we might become. They unlock our energies, our minds and imaginations. Effective teachers give compelling questions, explain options, encourage us to reason and suggest possible directions.


Great teachers know that they are always on stage and that who they are, how they act and what they believe are as important as what they teach.


No one knows the perfect way for effective teaching, but it is worth trying to define what good teachers do. Here are some of them:


1. Good teachers show that they are the masters of their subjects.


2. Good teachers exhibit passion for their field.


3. Good teachers are organized, prepared, and especially clear.


4. Good teachers show that they know their pupils as individual and care about them.


5. Good teachers are good listener.


6. Good teachers create a good ambiance for learning, for inquiries, and for growing and changing.


7. Good teachers encourage pupils to accept and learn from their mistakes.


8. Good teachers demonstrate not only their learning but also the process by which they learn; they teach people how to learn.


9. Good teachers relate abstract ideas to the realities of everyday life.


10. Good teachers think ways for pupils to become active learners.


11. Good teachers accept their mistakes and learn from them and work continually to improve.




There is much to discover as to how to measure good teaching. To become good, one really has to work at it. Teaching is demanding, and great teachers must be ready to sacrifice and dedicate her life to teaching.


By: Pinky C. Sapno

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