Young minds, young minds

The nations of the earth have you undermined.

Your heroes offered life as a sacrifice.

How come it did not suffice?

Have you forgotten the meaning of their death?

Well, that is so you can sleep peaceful over your bed.

But how come did you ever forget?

They died so you can be free from someone’s net.

It was over a hundred years ago.

When your heroes fought for you

Rizal, Bonifacio, General Luna and all the others died.

All and everything so you can enjoy this life.

But how come you are not taking life seriously?

When there are blood offered so you can be free?

Was their sacrifice now meaningless?

Or were they wrong for buying you rest?

How come you have forgotten, that if it we ‘rent for their lives

you are not free to do things be it meaningful or meaningless

One thing your heroes won freedom,

and another thing is that you keep it for generations to come

Are you not seeing it?

Somebody is now taking your oceans and seas

your freedom is now at risk

How come you can sleep in peace?

When will you wake up?

When you will you take your studies for granted?

When you no longer have the freedom and land,

Then you will realize those offerings were precious and grand.

So wake up! Wake up! you young minds!

Be sensible, diligent, and wise.

Listen to your heroes of the past,

Listen to their voice and keep the fight

They bought you the freedom with their might

But keeping the same freedom is an another fight

Never allow a foreign nation to come for it and rob

All the things your heroes paid with blood.

Mr. Leandro V. Botalon | Teacher I | Iram High School | Iram, Olongapo City
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