In the realm of numbers, I hold my sway,

A world of puzzles where minds find their way.

I am Math, a challenge some may fear,

Yet embrace me, young minds, draw me near.

In the dance of equations, steps unfold,

A symphony of logic, both bold and cold.

Fear not my complexities, my intricate art,

For within the challenge lies wisdom’s start.

I’m the riddle, the puzzle, the enigma to solve,

With perseverance and grit, problems evolve.

Children, dear learners, take courage, be bold,

In my language of numbers, stories are told.

Yes, I’m tough, a formidable quest,

But within struggle, knowledge finds its nest.

Embrace the challenge, let curiosity ignite,

For in the world of math, minds take flight.

So, fear not the numbers, the symbols, the unknown,

Let the beauty of logic, your intellect hone.

I am Math, an ally on your learning spree,

Together we’ll unlock the secrets, just wait and see.

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Mr. Leandro V. Botalon | Teacher I | Iram High School | Iram, Olongapo City
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