Schools are similar to a team player. If a team has a good coach then the team is likely to succeed. But if the coach of a team is irresponsible, it will fail. A school with good teachers but under the leadership of an unfocused principal will also fail. The school can also achieve much if the collective effort is focused by a strong and dynamic leader.

A school is being headed by a visionary leader, a principal who has a hearth for the welfare of teachers, pupils and parents in the school, a principal who always work for the benefit of her superior and who us always willing to listen to the cry and needs of her staffs and always support them will produce a good school.

Effective school heads are not those principals who are fluent speakers in seminars, not those who can make good narrative reports and paper works but those who takes time in developing intimate relationships with her teachers, those who are able to tap the potential of her mentors, those who know the names of the most pupils in school, greets them, has good relationship in the community and is dedicated and committed at work…these principal has  a good school.

By: Gemma Baluyot Canare | Duale Elementary School Limay District Teacher I |

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