Students learning while playing are a very good motivation to arouse their interest in learning. A traditional teacher like “ Miss Tapia “ is not applicable at this time because of the Modern way of Life. Along with the Republic Act Order No. 7610 “For the protection of Children   “ You cannot apply it nowadays. You should use your emotional intelligence wherein a teacher will act as their friend companion rather than their cruel master. Motivate them carefully; assist with their needs and differences, with a human touch of heart everything will sail smoothly with a respect. Teachers who belongs to hardheaded clan needs lot of motivation/encouragement and attention. Explaining to them that being in this organization which is a noble profession; sacrifice is the great effort that we should take into consideration, no big salaries, no overtime pay, no percentage in terms of external rewards but the internal rewards are priceless.

 As motivators, students will be given a hundred percent of security in regards to instruction curriculum. Quality education will be on their hands because you will give the exact time, hour, minutes and second required for them to learned and extend it for the remedial class if needed and necessary exclusive for them. But still with the extent that even though you are treating them as your friends, let them know that YOU are still their teacher.

By: MS. ELOISA L. LOPEZ | Teacher III | Abucay North Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan

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