Reality Bites. It is an old cliché from an old, evocative movie in the 80’s. I was told that the movie was well appreciated by the young bloods who were described to be full of lofty ideals about life. It has even become an immortal piece that somehow warns the idealists that life is not perfect in the real world, and so, reality bites.

My father wanted me to be an engineer. I, on the other hand, was at the crossroad, very eager to walk down the path toward my big dreams, but I did not know what direction to take. I actually did not know what career path to take. All I see is that the image of an engineer was so alluring that I learned to like it as well. I haven’t even started the semester and yet in my mind I have already graduated as an engineer. I was full of hope.

In my first year in the university, I was bitten by reality.  The picture of me being an engineer started to get blurred as I was devastated by three flunked subjects that pushed me to shift for another course. Those were moments of misery and depression as my dreams got farther for me to reach. The registrar ordered me to go to the guidance and counseling office and I wondered about what I would do there. When I got there, a woman asked for my papers and then gave me some test. I had no idea what it was for until the woman explained that the test was an assessment and it showed that I am inclined to the arts. Then she informed me of the possible courses that are fitted for me, and which I should take.

What I have experienced is career guidance which is one of the core functions of guidance and counseling. It aims to help students who are uncertain of what college course they should take which is suited to their talents. skills and interests.  It helps the students to find the area or field where they would likely succeed and become productive professionals in the industry. Students who are uncertain of career choice must seek the advice of career counselors to avoid hasty decisions and unfitting choices.

By: Denardo C. Cruz |

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