Salt and pepper are very important seasonings in the kitchen. A kitchen will not be complete without salt and pepper. Refined or coarse salt, whole peppercorns or crushed, white or black ground pepper –

a kitchen must never be without them. But do you know that a long time ago in China salt was used as a currency? They were formed into bars then even stamped with the emperor’s seal.

Several English words were derived from the Latin “Sal” meaning salt. Sausage comes from the Latin “Salsus” which means salted while salami comes from the Italian “salame” or Latin “salare” meaning salt and even the word salary is from Latin “salarium” referring to the salt rations paid to the Roman soldiers.

In Rome pepper was used as a ransom. In 410 AD, the Romans had to pay its conquerors not just gold and silver but also tons of peppers.

In Germany a traditional Christmas cookie made with black pepper called Pfeffernuesse, literally meaning “peppernuts”

Additionally It is believe that a pinch of salt thrown over the left shoulder three times is said to ward off


So, always have some salt in your life.

By: Luz S. dela Vega | Teacher ,Mariveles National High School-Poblacion

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