“Teaching is the noblest profession”, an unforgettable quotation that a teacher lives by. It is even stated in Article IV Section 1 of the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers. As teachers, we are responsible for manifesting enthusiasm and pride in teaching as a noble calling. This responsibility calls for real professional teachers. How do we become one? Here are some ways:

1. Passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers, thus being licensed as a professional teacher.2. Having specialized knowledge, you must do your job well by putting your knowledge into practice.3. Update yourself with professional literature, taking and finishing graduate studies, attending seminars, etc.4. Be a good team player. Cooperate, unite and share ideas with colleague.5. Set internal and external standards. Follow rules of the DepEd and Code of Ethics.6. Be positive, future oriented and open to change.7. Understand your self worth, dignity and efficacy and continually harness your own potential to develop yourself.8. Value freedom and responsibility.9. Serve your country. Be proud of being a Filipino, your country, language, people, history, cultural heritage, value and national aspirations.10. Have faith. Seek the integration of your spiritual and moral value in your daily life.Teachers are duly licensed professionals who possess dignity and reputation with high moral values as well as technical and professional competence. Being a professional doesn’t only mean passing the licensure exam but practicing professionalism at all times. It is more than a professional ID, and the name attached to it. It’s the way of living a life worth emulating. A professional teacher commands respects everywhere he goes when he does not say it.

Every teacher expects to be treated respectfully. To have this treatment, he must act professionally.

By: Ms. Aileen M. Canaria | Orion Elementary School

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