“MMDA enforcers will apprehend persons smoking in public places, public conveyances and along sidewalks of major and secondary roads in the metropolis starting Monday (May 30, 2011),  MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said, according to the Philippine Star.”

The public calls on Orion Executives to enforce the Anti-Smoking law in our municipality.

This is to reiterate the official policy of the Municipal Government of Orion by virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 08-020-052 of April 29, 2008, that:  “It shall be unlawful to smoke in all public places within the municipality of Orion, except in designated smoking areas… that public places (schools, hospitals, medical clinics, convenience stores, grocery stores, market, restaurants, comfort rooms, sessions hall, and the like) shall be declared as strictly smoke-free areas. It is likewise declared unlawful to smoke cigarette, cigar or pipe in public conveyances (passenger busses, jeepneys, tricycles, and similar vehicles) plying in the Municipality of Orion.”

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