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Strategizing is very important in implementing a project or a program. We, teachers are considered a strategist because we apply different strategies in teaching to meet the needs of our learners. As a project implementer, you should be a good strategist, you should have good communication skills, you should have the clarity of your thoughts and action to establish a good relationship with your people. You should include them in every decision you make for the organization, especially in implementing the project or program for the success of the organization.

A Project should start with a vision in which it helps the organization to create a clear picture of what the organization will be after 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years. It gives the organization a clear picture of the desired result. It follows with the mission; it gives the purpose or the reason for implementing such a project. From that vision and mission, the project implementer can now create its specific objectives which are measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bounded.

We can use different strategies to implement our project. We can use the “top to bottom rational strategizing” or from up to bottom rational strategizing but at the end of this is a good strategy that we can use for the success of our project. Always take into consideration the two important ground environments, which are the internal and the external environment. These two environments should have good communication and relationships for the success of the organization.

Mary Ann A. Pacheco | Teacher III | Bataan National High School
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