A Project Proposal is a “Statement of work”. It describes your proposed project and its purpose, the steps you need to follow to be able to attain a good and satisfying result or outcome. The Project Proposal came from the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) of every school which is needed for continuous development.

A good Project Proposal has a good appearance and is easy to access. It should be substantial in which anyone will catch the attention and be interested in your project. The reason for the project and what needs to be solved and addressed must be presented in your Project Proposal. And most importantly it must be qualified, and both the learners and stakeholders may benefit from your project.

When you make a Project Proposal see to it that the team or the Project Proponent are credible enough to perform all the given tasks assigned to them. Always take into consideration all the aspects that may affect the project so you can easily find a solution if a problem arises.

Just remember that there are plans that fail but it does not mean that you will stop creating projects for the continuous development of your organization. If your intention is for the good of the organization, go on and create important and substantial projects.

Mary Ann A. Pacheco | Teacher III | Bataan National High School
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