Lord, I thank you for creating me

As one of your best creatures!

The treasure and talents you had given me

Placed me in a certain pedestal of life

That I am enjoying together with my love ones.


The challenges and trials that sometimes

blackened my way

Put me up and down in fighting for life

Which really sharpen me

To be more respected and dignified person.


Lord, I also owed to you, all my precious friends of mine

For they addcolors and serve as ingredients

in my sour moments of depression.

Through them, I learned to fight for survival

And now I am here, awake and alive for your Glory!


But Lord, I still plea to you

To lift me up with your hands

Show me the way of going back to your life

And start extending services to your people

And help me to nurture Christian values

to your children. Amen.

By: Ms. Loreta B. Andaya | Master Teacher -1 | Lamao National High School

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