Dedication. I must say is something that needs to be inculcated to those who are in the teaching profession. It is not enough that the teacher graduated with flying colors way back in his college days. It is not a question of how articulate he is, or how much he knows about modern technology. When one enters the field, well the first thing about is. Can I make a difference? Am I “THE ONE”? Or will I be just like the others? Am I here for a purpose? Or merely just to earn a living?

The system now is beggining for help, It needs to survive. After knowing these things, I began to ask myself, is there anything that I can do to save it from dying? As time flies, it gets harder and harder for us to give the quality education that is expected from us. Why? For countless reasons. I guess… paper works…. paper works and more paper works. Right? Being a teacher, my responsibility is not merely to teach. I’m more than that, thats why I ended up with a short poem on my mind.

I am here to teach because I’m a teacher
Sometime a preacher, at times caregiver
I need to pass this and that
I need to go here an there
A mother, I can be just like that
When others are absent, or someone is out
I also act as a peacemaker
In my own classroom, I’m a designer
To be someone better
I’m also a traveler
For programs, I play the role of a director
For competitions, I am the loyal trainor
So, I’m not just a teacher
I’m MORE and MORE and MORE!!!

When most of the time, the teacher is out, though the reason is valid and right, still he is out. And being out means, no one will look after the learners the way their respective teachers do. But we need to give better result, How? Is it still a question of dedication? Or a problem that demand solution?

By: Rosario T. Rodrigo (Teacher III – Limay Elementary School)

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