So what could be causing people’s lives to be miserable at this moment? Bullying, in my opinion, is the one word that can answer this query.

Regretfully, bullying occurs frequently in the schools. It can impact both boys and girls students, regardless of age. Some had a terrible experience last year at school because of an older boy who used to constantly call names and occasionally leave hurtful comments about on Facebook and it had a negative impact on confidence.

How can people put an end to this issue? In my opinion, we educators must be vigilant about potential bullying situations in their classrooms and take decisive action when bullying occurs. Making classes to discuss the issue with students is another action that teachers should do to help bullies see how much their victims suffer at their hands. Students should assist their classmates as much as they can and inform their teachers if they become aware that a classmate is being bullied.

Many pupils make fun of other classmates or attempt to cause arguments between them. They perceive it as a game, but they are unsure of the psychological or self-confidence effects of that. We, teachers need to be very severe when it comes to this issue, work to find a solution, and let the parents of the students who are being bullied as well as the bullies know about it. Still, we ought to take some action to improve the victim’s emotional state. We can remain by their side and assist them in getting through these trying times. I believe that the bullies would stop doing this if we were all against bullying. As stated at the magazine’s conclusion, bullying is a nightmare, thus we should stop it right away. (in a symbolic manner)

Bullying in schools and online share many similarities. Aggression, teasing, humiliation, and harassment are all part of these behaviors. Because attacks can occur at any time of day or night and the bully may try to remain anonymous, bullying poses special difficulties.

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Ms. Paula Joy A. Pineda | TEACHER II | BNHS – SENIOR HIGH | Balanga City, Bataan
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