Respect begets respect. We must respect other even little children so the respect that we wanted will be given back to us.

How can we gain respect?

Every child is a learner. As we begin inculcate with them the proper values, it is easier for them to do it and practice it in their day to day to day living. Like what the verse from the bible said “Train a child in the way where he should go so that when he is old he shall never depart from it.”Learning starts from the home where their parents were their first teachers. Let us take note that the values that we told them to do are the good ones that will keep them in their hearts and minds. For an instance when a child like to play with his playmates let him, Don’t let him to be alone. Respect his right to have a time to play but impart to him that he should give care and concern to his playmates.

In a classroom situation when a pupil want to answer the given question and his answer is wrong. Don’t tell him that his answer is wrong, as a teacher you might say that: “ is there any other answer than the ones given? Don’t tolerate your pupils to say, “ Ma’am mali po” but teach them to say “ I’m sorry classmate, may I help you answer the question? In this, we may impart to them to respect others.

And for all of us, whether we are a parent, teacher, pupil, a janitor or even an administrator, let us respect the right for sharing opinions and ideas. Don’t say that we are agree or disagree. Let him express his own ideas. Don’t interfere him, after all he has the night to express what he feels.

And above all, we are the mentors of child’s learning let us be sure that we give to our pupils the learning’s that will lead them to become not a better one but the very best within themselves. Let us show that we care for them. Let us not make anything that will vanished all the learning’s that we give to them. Always set us in our minds that: “Kung ano ang ginagawa ng nakatatanda ay siys ring gagawin ng nakababata dahil sa kanyang paningin iyon ay tama.”

By: Ms. Marivic M. Bagtas | Teacher III | Sto. Domingo Elementary School

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