Do you have a goal? Like getting better grades in school or learning to play the guitar? As part of my t5eaching job… that I wanted to achieve something from which I taught – I learned the important part – and that is achieving goals.

Here’s what I learned about achieving goals. Follow along, thinking about some goals that you have. One thing is certain,Jesus promises to be with us as we work to achieve these goals.

Suppose that your goal is to get better grades at school…lets walk through this together.

Step 1. Apply some brain power.

Write down your goal then what you need to there.Be Specific.

  • What is my goal?

Get a better grade in Mathematics

  • What do I have to do to meet my goal?

1. Study one hour each day


3.Find a quiet place to study

  • Who could I ask for help?

I’ll try to pay better attention in class and ask questions when I don’t understand.

Step 2. Find a coach

  • What do I really like about this person?
  • This person makes a good coach because..

(then, ask that person if you could talk to him or her sometime about becoming your coach)

Step 3. Stress busters

Dealing with “stress ( the pressure that builds up in our emotions) can be hard. So while you have to focus on your goal, take a break every now and then. It helps. It sometimes listen to music. For you to do something that might help you lessen the stress

Step 4. Never Give up

Keep at it, no matter who or what seems to be working against you.

Thanks,Goodluck and God bless!

Always Follow All the Steps

By: Ms. Marivic M. Bagtas | Teacher III | Sto. Domingo Elementary School

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