One of the most important aspects in oral communication is listening. According to Websters English Dictionary, to listen is to hear or to pay attention to somebody while speaking.

There are different kinds of listening, but let us focus more on Active Listening. When a person trusted you to tell about some part of his life or even his or her entire life, ask questions to draw out the other person. Be interested in that person’s life.

A popular foreign TV host once on a talk show complained about her own lack of listening skills. According to her, she talks too much about herself, she says. Do not just pitch in a conversation & tell something about yourself. This would best be described us selfish listening. Do not compare yourself with other people, but listen and engage them in their self-revelation.

Trust is important in an oral conversation. It is a key component of personal communication. The other person needs to trust you & that means you need to be trustworthy. Confidential matters must be kept confidential. A person needs to learn that he or she can tell you things without being judged or hated. So listening carries a great responsibility.

You may be frustrated because you are ready to listen, but the other person isn’t ready to share anything significantly. If you are trusted, be patient. It doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.

“Balance” is the key word here. A relationship in which one person talks all the time while the other listens is out of balance. As you truly listen to someone else, you will find opportunity to open also about yourself.

By: Ms. Victoria H. Laqui T-III | DEPED Samal Bataan

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