Integrating a discipline with other discipline is not really the ideal thing to do but it seems that this is what going to happen to the educational system. New technology is so irresistible that it is not only integrated in all subject areas but it can also change the teaching methods of all disciples.

Student achievement scores has been conducted with computer based education or video disk-program that employs drill and practice or tutorial strategic. This makes technology into education expensive yet challenging. Multisensory delivery increase self-expression and active learning by students as well as critical thinking and comparative learning are some of the benefits of technology. It provides means for all students to reach their potentials. Multicultural education, Telecommunications makes it possible to expand classroom “walls” and to line students and teachers in national and international. These enable students from vastly different backgrounds to build cultural bridge and to communicate daily about life style, politics and global issues.

By: Mr. Miguel V. Bondoc | Teacher I | Lamao National High School

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