Leo Renton (MIO Head), Andy Avorque (MPDO Head) and Ms. Carmen Gagnan of CESO during the 2 weeks eBPLS buildup

The E-Governance for Municipal Development Project came to the door of Orion just in time when all IT mobilization is on going.  It is an affirmation that our local initiatives in Information Technology is within the IT global trend. With the collaboration of the LMP,CICT-NCC and the CESO no doubt that the LGUs pursuit to keep adept with the latest in IT is within our reach.

The MIO personnel of Orion headed by Mr.Leo Allan Renton were sent to a six weeks training on linux system.  This is to further enhance their skills, with the initial target of implementing the eBusiness Permit Licensing System (eBPLS) aimed at improving local revenue generation.

On top of this, the project includes the assignment of Canadian Volunteer Advisors who are expert in the field of IT. For Orion, it was VA Carmen Gagnon for almost two weeks, Carmen looks after the implementation of the eBPLS, she commented that “Orion is quite advance in terms of computerization compared to other municipalities.”

But what is most exciting about this project is the formulation of the Information System Strategic Plan (ISSP) which Leo, Carmen and MPDC Andy collaborated.  This ISSP will be the blueprint of the IT direction of Orion for the next 3 years.

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By: Andy Avorque (MPDO)

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