“ No man is an island”. This is true with the symbiotic relationship of the school and community.

As per the implementation of the School Based Management the decentralization of decision making authority and responsibility to improve school performance and its physical facilities were handed to the school level. Thus, the strengthening of the interrelationship of the internal stakeholders such as school personnel and parents as well as the external stakeholders composed of the local government units, non- government agencies, religious groups and basic sectors, was reborn.

How the internal and external stakeholders collide in the upliftment of quality education is a forceful tandem to ensure that these units can provide the needs of the school children financially, academically and spiritually and provide them physical facilities towards academic excellence. These agencies are one in their aims, mission and vision.

By: MS. MEREDITH D. ORTEGA | Teacher III | Mabatang Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan

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