Ambition is a burning desire to achieve something. Whether it is to lose weight, gain financial freedom, earn a job promotion, or get a better education. You can have ambition not only for yourself but for the people you love, for your children, your family. Your ambition for them drives you to assist them to excel.

When you are ambitious, you have a vision. You envision your life a certain way. You dream of your future and hope to aspire to your ambitions. You sense the urgency to take action. You feel a void inside that instigates you to elevate yourself to a higher level of existence.

Your ambition won’t allow you become complacent or settle for less. Even when advertise arise, the ambition person will eventually rekindle that ambition flame. You yearn to climb the ladder of success and achieve the vision you have for yourself. When you are ambitious, you are constantly in search of opportunities to take you to that next knowledge intensifies.

You have to realize what is most valued to you. You must truly want what you set yourself out to get. One piece of warning, if an ambition is selfish or immoral you are setting yourself up for problems, you cannot fool yourself and achieving it will cause you to resent yourself and damage your self esteem. Ambitions should serve to better you as a person and help improve your world and that of others. They should always be positive and never negative.

By: Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hernandez | Carbon Elementary School

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