BALIKBAYANS and returning overseas Filipino workers (OFW) crowd the arrival area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal as they start coming home for the Holy Week and for the forthcoming Orion Fiesta. Even the locals have returned to the ancestral homes by bus, by ferry and
domestic airlines to visit their relatives and many sightseeing places.

Come home for a visit, you may like it and live here just like many of us. You will not regret coming home. Many retired from the U.S. military service have decided to build their retirement home here. Your hard earned money pensions will be worth more with the current foreign exchange rate. The
average house being built here by the retirees cost more than two million pesos. The latest custom built house by several of your retired friends cost four million pesos, more or less. How are they able to afford it, very simple. If you sell or refinance your home in the U.S. with tax exempt equity of, let us say, $50,000.00, would you believe converted into pesos, you could have a custom house built within two to three months. Think about it seriously. House builders (architect) may draw a house plan and build the house for you with affordable promissory notes. Hardware stores here are more than willing to sell you construction materials you need on credit, knowing that retirees do get monthly pension.

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