Success, a simple word and yet difficult to achieve. But with perseverance and discipline often than not our efforts will lead to achieve what we call success. Through knowledge learned since childhood contributes to what we are today. Furthermore we don’t realize the values enculcated within us that help us achieve our goal in life. And we owe this to our mentors and to the school where we gain the education nobody can take away from us.

Looking back, memories of yesterday will make you smile for remembering the experiences of childhood days. And why not try to visit the school once became part of your life. The school that gives you the positive outlook in life that in time you will succeed. A lot of children are waiting for your visit. You’ll see their needs that surely affect their situation in life. The school needs your help and support for the different school projects and programs. And once you became a part of the school programs and projects that may lead to improve the quality of education in that school, you may be called a successful alumnus of that school. Truly success is not just within your reach but within your heart.

By: Jane L. Ringor/Orion Elementary School/Orion, Bataan

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