Edward Thorndike once said,“The function of intellectual is to provide a means of modifying our reaction to the circumstance of life”, so that we may secure pleasure, the symptom of welfare. “this concept resounds throughout my 25 years of teaching , serving as guiding principle and reminder that as I go through different and difficult situations in mentoring my intellect must control my emotions. I believe that classroom management goes beyond preventing disruptive classroom behavior and ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite students’ misconducts which involve student motivation, discipline and respect.

My classroom management was challenged when I had a stubborn, naughty and hard-headed pupil which in one way or another has been the cause of misbehavior in my class. He always had made my class a place of very unruly creatures which really disturbed other classes. He always had failed to submit the required projects and always had got failing grades. But to my dismay he neither asked nor showed any concern of failing. So, I took the chance of talking to him after classes. I was taken aback when he suddenly became violent and hysterical. He hurled the book he was holding and kicked the chairs in front of me. He was uncontrollably furious. He kept saying nasty things. As I confronted this student having a fit of temper before me, I felt nothing but pity for him. I prayed that God would help me control my own emotions and give me the strength not to break down. Though overwhelmed at how bad the situation turned out. , I managed to be cool calm and composed as expected of a teacher under pressure.

Clueless as to what to do, I decided to pay a home visit to talk to his parents. I found out that the boy had a grave family problem which owned up all the bad actuations he had done in my class. After ourtalked, we had agreed that they would help me so that their child would change for the better. From then on, I and his parents always had the communication regarding the child’s behavior.

Before the school year end, I was really glad and thankful that the boy had overcome his attitude problem. His parents thanked me for remaining calm and had shown concern for their son’s welfare despite the provoking situations their son had shown before.

Now, whenever this boy sees me, he no longer avoids me. Instead, he smiles and always thanksme.

This boy had taught me that as an educator I need to be firm but considerate. He showed me that discipline tempered with maximum tolerance and forgiveness is a very effective way to win the worst of learners.

By: Ms. Norma S. Guinto | ESHT-III | Lalawigan Elem. School, Samal, Bataan

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