Be sure to read about my many back to school ideas. They will give you some great strategies to help you with your students as well as their parents.

Successful Student Motivation Classroom Teaching Strategies

There are so many ways for teachers to develop student motivation in the classroom. Be sure to read about the many successful methods that I used.

Classroom Management Can Make You or Break You.

Classroom Management encompasses so much and is so crucial to you having a successful year as a teacher. Read my many teaching strategies on a variety of topics.

Build Strong Teacher Student Relationships

Here’s how to build strong teacher student relationships using my teaching strategies on classroom teaching methods and teaching techniques, verbal communications and student motivation.

Student Assessment Involves Much More than Marking Tests and Assignments.

Student assessment is an on-going process that should factor in many different aspects of your students’ work. Use the methods that I discuss here to properly assess your students.

Effective Parent Teacher Communication

Parent teacher communication strategies and tools that will make parents your most powerful and valuable allies leading to successful and satisfying teacher parent relationships

My Teacher Seminar Provide Valuable Teaching Strategies.

Get the scoop on the practical side of teaching by watching my teacher seminar videos.

Dealing with Parents are Everyday Occurrences.

When dealing with parents, teachers must be diplomatic and tactful. Be sure to read my teaching strategies for handling several situations that may occur.

Why is Your Classroom Layout Important ?Your classroom layout is important to help motivate and stimulate your students. Learn my strategies for organizing your classroom to create a positive learning and social environment.

By: Jasmin N. Barbosa, Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elem School

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