At present there are six hundred fourteen (614) members of the Bataan Retired Teachers & Employees Association (BARTEA) whose members are composed of retired teachers, employees school heads, principals, district supervisors and education program specialist (EPS) of different areas.

The Association was founded in 1997 by Mrs. Medina Jesus, the Administrative Officer of Department of Education (Dep Ed) Bataan Division, with its primary objective of making the life of retirees more productive, happy, healthy and full of camaraderie to fellow retirees.

BARTEA operates within the promise of trust and confidence. The officers, the Board of Directors & members trust one another especially in its operation. This is the legacy of its existence and growing up. More retirees are confirming their intention of joining BARTEA. Any retired teacher or employee who are submitting themselves to the Constitution & by Laws of the Association and willing to participate in the programs of the associations are most welcome.

BARTEA is a group of professionals, wherein all are educators. As per record , there are already 89 members who retired from supervisory and administrative positions and they are potentials to be leaders of the association in the future.

Officers of the association share a common principle of dedication. They believed that education does not stop on retirement date but instead will make them more meaningful & productive.

BARTEA operates with a limited budget coming from General Funds, which are donations from benefactors & they are deposited in the bank as time deposit. The funds maybe used for projects approved by the officers & the board, Funds are also coming from Revolving funds which are collections from Membership Fees, Annual Fees and late Registration Fees, also every member is an automatic contributor to the Mutual Aid System (MAS) and shall pay fifty pesos for death member. The family will receive Php.25,000.00 in return.

By: MR. CLARO TRIA DE CASTRO | Teacher III | Asuncion Consunji Elementary School, , Samal, Bataan (Former Imelda Elementary School)

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