Teen depression has become a commom among teenagers. Many of our teenagers now a days suffer from depression and they never get the help they need because of prejudice about mental illness, inadequate mental health resources, and widespread, ignorance about how the emotional problem can wreck young lives.
Teen depression according to psychiatrists, is a real illness and should not be construed as just a “state of demoralization or about being dispirited.” It is characterized by feelings of sadness and helplessness to the point of being unable to carry out daily functions without being cut-off from the reality. Some causes of teen depression include; break-up of parents marriage, death of love ones, disappointment in love, feelings of guilt, rising academic expectation and social pressure.
Parents are advised to seek professional help if they notice a troubling change in eating, sleeping of grades, or social life that lasts more than a few weeks. Though teachers have limited responsibility in handling serious cases of depressions, they should be sufficiently acquainted with the causes and symptoms os teen depression so that they can easily identify students suffering from such illness.
Teachers can fully help the disturbed students through cognitive behaviour therapy, or referring students to a counsellor, school psychologist, or psychiatrist. In doing so, the serious effects of teen depression can be avoided.

By: Teodora M. Miranda | Teacher | Mabatang Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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