Today, the key to educational progress lies in the hands of a World-Class Teacher. The World-Class teacher is the most potent factor in achieving quality instructions because he molds the youths to become value-driven, productive and good citizens of the country. Through the hardworks, dedicated service and commitment of teachers, he is able to produce good lawyers, doctors, managers, educators and many professionals as fruits of her labor.


To become a World-Class teacher, various aspects of teaching must be considered. Among these are their roles in the modern world, teaching behavior, and ethics, new strategies / methods in teaching, goals and objectives as bases of effective and efficient teaching. The World-Class teacher has also the ability to transform poor / inactive pupils into a productive one. He is not easily discouraged in the school with inadequate facilities, instructional materials and resources. Because he is a world-class, he face all these challenges and do his best to improve the teaching-learning instructions in the school where he is assigned. He also provided opportunities to his pupil to conduct research and perform hands on activities that will improve achievements. He is also somebody who has a continuing growth plan to achieve competence.


He is a kind of teacher who does not only want a 7:30 am – 4:30 job but he performs his task with dedication and commitment inspite of low salary.


Much of the world already THINKS and ACTS globally. These are exciting days for us, teachers to be alive and become world-class. Let us switch into global teaching. Its time for us to get up and go on a MISSION.

By: MS. VIVIAN S. PIZARRO | Orion Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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