The key to educational progress lies in the hand of committed and dedicated teachers.  Every classroom teacher should strive hard and do her best to make the teaching learning experience worthwhile and effective.  In our modern world where in children are more interested in staying in computer shops than in their classrooms.  Teacher should learn modern techniques and approaches soi as to inspire all her learners.  Committed teachers must produce self-reliant, hardworking and productive individuals.


            To become committed and dedicated teachers and educators must first understand her pupils.  She must know their backgrounds their families and everything about them.  So that when they have problems she will be willing to lend a helping hand instead of scolding them.  A teacher serves as servant to all her pupils.  A dedicated teachers is someone who always come to school prepared in making her lessons lively and effective.  She also creates and makes interesting instructional materials and always make her classroom conclusive to learning.


            Committed and dedicated teachers are those people who doesn’t work for the compensation but those teachers who are willing to do an extra mile for the welfare of their pupils and for the success of the educational system. 


By: Catherine B. Vasquez

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