One of the most popular songs played in the radio in the 90’s was “The Will of the Wind.” If you will listen to the song and analyze the lyrics, you will realize that somehow, sailing is like teaching.

In sailing, you have to befriend the will of the wind to make your journey calm and smooth. There might be disturbances that you will encounter upon sailing but as long as you follow the will of the wind, you will reach your destination safely.

Just like in teaching, we have to befriend our pupils to make the teaching-learning process goes well and smoothly. Upon teaching, we can encounter pupils with not-so-good behavior who tend to disturb the class and disorient us. But we must not allow them to bring out the worst in us which will draw us to give them punishments. Instead, we should befriend them. When they are behaving wrongly, remind them of their importance in the class and the sacrifices that their parents are enduring just to give them the best education that they could ever have. Touch their souls, their hearts and their conscience. Remember, LOVE BEGETS LOVE. If we make them feel loved, accepted, needed and belonged, they will surely respond positively.

Always bear in mind the meaning of the song, it’s not the strengths of the sailors that make them reach the port, it’s the will of the wind. So, as teachers, why not BEFRIEND YOUR PUPILS, maybe you can bring out the best in them that would make us have a quality education.

By: Ms. Julie Ann R. Pura | Capunitan Elementary School

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