The behaviour problems of children inside the classroom of students may hinder their special academic achievement and may have a negative effect on his acceptance by others.
Inappropriate classroom behaviour and poor study skills are the two major types of behaviour problems of concern to the teacher. Examples of these are talking out, fighting, arguing, being out of one’s seat, screaming and avoiding interactions with others. Immature and withdrawns behaviour also falls under this category. Behaviour that interferes with the special student’s academic performance and / or the teacher’s ability to assess academic progress, are considered study skill problems are failure to complete assignments, poor attention during lectures or class discussion, failure to follow directions, and poor management of study time.
However, Behavior Management should be used in adapting academic instruction. Teacher state precise goals, break behavior into teachable subcomponents, institute systematic management procedures, and collect data to monitor student progress.

By: Teodora M. Miranda | Teacher | Mabatang Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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