Decongested workload for the student, holistic development for the individual, skills training in areas of specialization and electives will prepare graduates for the demands of the ever-changing job market, higher wages or confidence in starting their own business and graduates will be able to meet the standards set by international universities and professionals.

 K to 12 is the answer in our deteriorating educational system. Filipino students are expected to be trained technically just how our neighboring countries are trained. Hence, because of the K to 12, they are expected to be globally competitive. Their potentials are expected to be fully maximized in all aspects. Employment will boom, high salary will be given and business will prosper. Let us support our government for K to 12 to materialize. It will benefit each of us.

By: Ma. Gemma C. Dela Fuente | Teacher I | Limay Elementary School, Limay, Bataan

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