How would you like to live your life without having to think of money? Late one night,I heard the beeping of my cell phones. On the line was my co Teacher desperately asking for  my financial help” Oh my God!” I might also face the same problems.
Unfortunately this incident was not particularly unusual, for to many teachers,Borrowing money is just part of their life. Today because of economic crisis and low salary, most teachers begin to resort to measures just simply to survive. They subscribe to all sort of debt instrument such as mortgage ,five-six, salary deduction and much even worse is to increase earnings through side business which result in affecting teaching-classroom performance.
Following are sample tips to overcome Teacher’s financial worries.

1.    Seek blessings. Make a covenant with God that from this time on, as he blesses you will pay off your debt as quickly as possible.
2.    Resolve to Change. In time of uncertainty and need the only hope we can get comes from our willingness to change; if you cannot stretch your income, you need to bring down the cost.
3.    Record and Analyse yourspending. This is  the way to access where your money goes .Create an account name for all expense item so you will know where your problems lies.
4.    Downsize your Debt. Debt is easy to get into but expensive .Never carry a balance over from a one month to the next, or you will soon find yourself in the quick sand of debt avoid debt at all cost by living with what is available cash you have.
5.    Establish a Budget. Most teachers are surprise to  learn how much money is spent on unnecessary items . Buy small envelopes put a label and use them to separate money for food, water, electricity, and etc.
6.    Kept your walking Cost Low. Make more money than you need to spend .Give up any addiction for pleasure and learn tosimplify your life style. Enjoy life without needing to spend too much .Remember to set aside some amount for future. Do not depend to much money as a source of happiness.

By: Rosario D. Calderon | Teacher I | Sabatan Elementary School | Orion, Bataan

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